Benefits Inmate Gets Using CorrLinks Program

If you know an inmate inside the prison, you can now contact them anytime through emails. With CorrLinks, you can feel at ease that your message will be sent and read. All you need is an invitation from an inmate and you can start corresponding immediately. What can you get with CorrLinks?image 2

  • CorrLinks is fast than snail mails. Prisons sometimes do not get mails from outside. If you want to receive news from outside or inside, this is the system that can do the favour for you. You can now sent few words and correspond with each other. It only cost a minimum service fee and you can send multiple emails to individual you wish to talk. It lessens the loneliness in both sides and you can talk to one another anytime you want.
  • CorrLinks protects emails. There will be security in controlling the number of emails sent and received by the system. But it can handle large traffics yet they only filter those trustworthy and important contents. Only those individuals with invitation can register in the program and get to use the features they offer.
  • CorrLinks only allow genuine emails. The system is designed for inmates to send and received emails with avoiding the spam and junk messages. This is the safest way to communicate without worrying those unimportant emails. You can guarantee that only important emails will be available on your inbox.
  • CorrLinks is easy to use. The program is designed with very friendly user interface. Setting up an account only involves a valid email address and identification code send by an invitation email. You can also easily add inmates on your address book with their registry number. Inmates can access their emails through the registry number provided by the system.

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